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Empowering Sustainable Behaviour Through Reward Coins & Nudging

Reduce the intent-action gap in sustainable practises in personal and corporate domains by leveraging green IT, behavioral science nudges and monetary rewards.

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Image featuring a laptop on the left side with the SustEarn Chrome extension open. On the right side, four mobile phones display the 'Offers' tab, the 'Browse' tab, the 'Plan' tab, and the 'Edu' tab within the SustEarn App.

Our Solutions

SustEarn App

How it works:

Explore Sustainable Features

Discover the carbon reduced sustainable education tab (edu), Generative AI and measurable sustainable task tab (To Do), and sustainable friends nudging. Dive into engaging green web browsing and green SaaS browsing, complete eco-friendly activities, challenge and habits (Do good tab).

Earn Reward Coins For Reducing Your Intent-Action Gap

Every intent action earns you reward coins. Track your progress and see the environmental impact of your choices. Redeem coins for exclusive e-commerce coupons, configurable HR reward systems and green partners turning your sustainable lifestyle into tangible rewards.

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SustEarn Extension

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"SustEarn Chrome Web Extension"

How it works:

Install and Activate

Easily install the browser extension across your organization. Activate the tool to start measuring and reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and earn rewards coins that you can redeem. The extension seamlessly integrates with your browsing experience, providing real-time insights.

Monitor Carbon Footprint

Gain visibility into your company's online activities. The extension charts page emissions, allowing you to monitor and analyze the carbon footprint of web interactions. Identify opportunities for reduction and sustainability improvements.

Mitigate, Optimize and Earn Coins

Take proactive steps to mitigate carbon emissions for reducing asthma and COPD cases. Use the extension's insights to optimize browsing activities, reducing environmental impact. Lock your browser CO₂ emissions the same you way you lock your desktop before leaving your desktop. Our tool empowers businesses to align with sustainable practices and contribute to global carbon reduction goals.

Corporate Reporting

Leverage detailed reports generated by the extension for comprehensive corporate sustainability reporting. Demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility with accurate and transparent data on your organization's online footprint.


For Businesses:

  • Enhanced Corporate Reputation
  • Cost Savings through Efficiency
  • Comprehensive Carbon Reporting
  • Employee Engagement and Morale

For Individuals:

  • Tangible Rewards for Green Actions
  • Sustainable Dating
  • Educational and Engaging Content

About Us

Achin Tyagi
Founder, CTO, Behavioral Scientist
A pioneer in blending technology with behavioral science to drive sustainable practices
Anuj Batra
Limited Cofounder and Advisor
Former CEO of Birla, offering strategic insights and extensive years of industry expertise
Tushar Vigh
A financial expert ensuring our sustainability initiatives align with fiscal responsibility

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals by providing comprehensive sustainability measurements and actionable mitigations. Through behavioral change nudging and a rewards system, we aim to empower everyone.

Our Belief

We believe that behavioral nudging and monetary rewards are potent tools for driving sustainability. By influencing behaviors and providing incentives for adopting environmentally friendly practices, we aim to make sustainability a natural and rewarding part of daily life.